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This page will provide updates, plans, and protocols in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  Any plans and protocols will be in conjunction with state, and federal governing body recommendations along with the guidance of the Session of CPC. Please refer to this page for your information. Other sources of information are: email blasts, bulletins, CPC Life Newsletter, and our Facebook page.  Note:  There are inherent risks associated with any social interaction during COVID-19.  So be aware of your personal health risks before you consider attending any CPC service or event.  Information is subject to change based on governing body updates.

04/30/21 - Update:

Good news from the CDC: As you may have heard, masks are no longer required outside, whether a person is vaccinated or not vaccinated unless we are gathered in large, crowded spaces. Churches are still asked to have participants wear masks indoors. This makes sense since we do not ask to know who among us is vaccinated. However, we no longer need to take temperatures before entering the sanctuary and we will begin singing one verse of a song at the conclusion of worship. Here are some important new recommendations (not rules) for us at CPC as more of us feel comfortable attending, to make our friends and visitors welcome and make social distancing possible:

  • There is no rule about where anyone is required to sit, however:

  • If you are vaccinated, by yourself or with your family, you’re invited to be seated toward the front of the church where distancing is not as problematic and may be reduced to three feet according to your comfort level.

  • If you are in good physical shape and able to climb the stairs to the balcony, please purposefully take advantage of balcony seating, so that those with any sort of disability may be seated on the main level.

  • If you are not yet vaccinated or have concerns about distancing, feel free to choose a space toward the back of the sanctuary where rows remain roped off.

*Our changes depend on everyone’s commitment to love for each, and our willingness to practice hospitality, kindness and grace for just a little longer! Use Sunday morning as an opportunity to serve each other with humility, in the peace of the Lord.  These recommendations are given as a way to include as many participants as possible; they are not rules that will be enforced and no one will be asked about their vaccination status.

The following documents & descriptions:

  • Building Entry - CPC's current policy for entrance into our building

  • For entry requests contact - Dave Micksch at dave@cpclombard.org

  • Entry Postings on doors

  • ERMP - Enhanced Risk Management Plan

  • Outdoor Protocol


Group Protocol