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Click HERE for the Order of Worship for Easter Sunday, and

Click HERE for a written copy of the gospel lesson and our Easter sermon, “One Got Out!”

(As you are able, gather a bit of bread and juice to prepare for the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion.)

So that our church family may gather for worship together, each in our own homes,

a worship time of 10 AM is suggested.

Never before have we gathered in such a way on the day of Resurrection! Never before has the cost of gathering in person been so threatening. And never before have we needed God’s Presence as we do during these horrifying days.

Gather we will. And God will be present.

God will be with us, Immanuel and Savior, loving Father, and comforting Spirit. God will be in our homes, in our celebration, in the Bread and Cup, in the Word, and in our hearts. Nothing can stop Him, nothing can distance Him from us. Time and space mean nothing in God’s world. When we hear the Good News, “He is risen!” so too will God. When we sing praises to Him, God will sing back to us His love. And when we break the Bread and drink the Cup, God, by the power of the Spirit, will be with us and in us, through the Son, Jesus. Present. Truly present.

We think today of our beloved church sanctuary. We think of the Easter Cross with the sweet flowers of grace covering our nailed sins. We think of our sisters and brothers, some safely in heaven’s home; and many now in our earthly homes, awaiting the “all clear” signal.

But this is now clear: all are safely gathered in, the love of Jesus visible in the empty Cross, and in the empty Tomb, filling us with eternal hope.

And so we shout, “He is risen!”

He is risen indeed.

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